Decreasing….and other things

I’ve been meaning to post all this week but I have had a very busy work week (plus, it was graduation this week and some old friends were in town to get hooded so in addition to work being busy my social life has exploded. This is a great problem to have. ;))

Last weekend I started the decreases on my crocheted shawl. I’m pretty happy with my progress even if this isn’t the most beautiful thing I have ever made. Plus, It is halfway through the month and and I am halfway through the project which I think is a good sign that I might actually finish it this month. I am itchy to finish projects. Do you get that? When all you want to do is be done with something you are working on? I realized as well this week that I am almost done with my firecake shawlette (if I save the second skein for something else). The second skein, I think, may become a transposition (posted some pictures of a transposition and I love a classic triangle shawl.

But, no new things until I finish old things. I have to get rid of this itchy “not enough knitting and project finishing” feeling!

starting the decreases! #cftcmakealong

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