Reading Crochet

Friday marked the beginning of the CftC Makealong and I went out guns blazing. Or, I tried. It took me awhile to remember how to half treble crochet or double crochet or whatever it is called. Then, it took me awhile to actually read the pattern and figure out what I was supposed to be doing when.


And, then I had the problem that I had the last time I tried to crochet: I have no idea where the stitches are to count them. I picked the pattern Northmoor Lock somewhat flippantly because it is supposed to get big and then get small. I might accidentally get it right! So, you can imagine how proud I was of myself when I was getting it right. My stitches weren’t the most consistent but I was feeling good about myself. I thought I had figured out where the stitches were (which is so much easier in knitting because, barring catastrophe, they are right there on the needles) and I kept counting so I was only increasing when I needed to and not before. I was so sure that I had it that I stopped counting.

And, then this happened.


Isn’t that a lovely decrease? So lovely and so completely unintentional. So, I’m back to counting. But, this is a quick pattern to crochet up and I am very happy with my progress so far. Also, don’t you just love this yarn? It is Manos de Uruguay!

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