I imagine that all crafters, nay all people, feel like this. The world is so interesting and I just can’t help but trying and liking new things. So, I’m a knitter and a spinner and I like to make jam. Oh, and sometimes I cook. Plus, I like to tat and I crochet.

There are never enough hours in the day.

When I first bought my spinning wheel I tried to buy all my fiber from local producers (very easy in Western New York. I just had to hit a few fiber festivals and I was done). And, I tried to zero out my stash before the fiber festivals the following year. This actually turned into a really nice cycle for a few years. I would buy roving, etc in the Fall and every summer I would do the Tour de Fleece and kill my stash. That is, until last year when a combination of things happened. First: I went crazy at the fiber festivals and bought out of everyone’s bargain bins. I bought huge bags of Shetland and romney and discounted braids in colors that excited me. Even though my budget didn’t change I ended up with more than usual because I bought things that producers had marked down. The second thing that happened was that I spent my summer away from my spinning wheel for work. First, I was in Texas at a field school beefing up my skill set. Then, I was in the field collecting data for my dissertation. I had some wool and a drop spindle with me but my drop spindle broke in transit. (Even if I had spun the whole time I was away, I’m a much slower drop spinner than a wheel spinner so I would not have made the same amount of progress.)

There’s also a third thing: I added to my stash during this year’s fiber festivals.

I mentioned to a friend, Joy Killjoy, the ’52 Spitfire, that I was woefully behind on my spinning and that it didn’t look like I’d bust my stash this year either. Which makes me think I should just forgo this year’s festivals (which don’t start until September so it might be premature of me to worry about). Then, an amazing thing happened: she busted her own stash. And, after busting her own stash she decided that she didn’t want to buy new roving. But, then she got a hankering of spinning. So, she asked if I could lend her roving. And, she’s just returned the most beautiful lace weight. Before she spun it she asked me what it was going to be. We had a conversation about technique and formed a plan for it. A plan which, by the way, was different than my original plan when I bought the braid and a plan which I think is so much better.

I’m pretty sure that I even know what this wool is going to be now (this was a braid from Llady Llama Fiber Co). I think it is going to be Mercury in Retrograde by Deborah Frank.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have a friend who is such an amazing spinner. And, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I live near so many fiber producers. And, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that life keeps giving me opportunities to try new things.

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2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Gill says:

    Totally agree that there aren’t enough hours in the day! My mind is always reeling with project ideas and there’s never enough time to do all of them! Beautiful yarn that your friend made – look forward to seeing updates on the project…x

  2. Kate says:

    I’d like to start it right now! But, I’m doing CftC’s MAL and I don’t think I’d get any work done if I started two new projects on the same weekend. 😉

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