National Pet ID week starts today and I decided it was time to do something about my pets and their identification. Lily and Cooper are indoor cats but disaster can strike. They can (and have) wiggled out of collars. And, one of my neighbors could forget to turn off his stove and the cats could end up finding their own way out of our burning house. These are not comfortable ideas to consider. The local pet store has a drop-in vet clinic and this month they’ve been giving away coupons to use at the clinic for a free microchip if you buy ten dollars worth of pet stuff. No problem. That’s a bag of cat food. So, I got my coupons and went to round up my cats to go to the clinic. The first thing I noticed was that our oldest carrier was not seaworthy. I would not be defeated, so the cats had to share a carrier.

This was not a problem until we were in the car and halfway to the vet clinic. Cooper started crying. Then he started heaving. And, since he was sharing his carrier with his sister he had no place to move. So, he vomited on his sister. Thankfully, I have napkins in the car and we were at a stoplight. Lily was surprisingly zen about the whole experience. She even gave Cooper a little bath and a cuddle after he was done being sick. She really is a classy cat.

We got to the clinic about ten minutes after it started. There was a line, but it wasn’t too long. We checked in and waited quietly while dogs bounced excitedly on either side of us. I kept the cats well above the doggy fray. Finally, it was our turn to see the vet. The microchipping went really quickly. The cats were so good with it. No one cried or growled or hissed. No one took a swipe at the vet or the vet tech or me. They calmly sat there and waited for the ordeal to be over.

For dinner they got special tuna and gravy. They are now ignoring me. The whole process was stressful but not horribly painful and I’m happy knowing that if somehow the cats get out in the world, they have my contact info with them. I believe most vets offer microchipping services. The pop-up clinic we went to in Buffalo was at a Pet Supplies Plus and the signage suggested that the clinics were a regular occurrence. So, if you have a pet and have considered getting them microchipped, keep your eyes peeled. Having some kind of identification on your pet is important. If they ever get lost, you want them to be able to find their way home.

As an aside, I picked up a new carrier while we were out and now that we’re home they love the new carrier.


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