I am consistently a week behind with these posts from love your blog. It was hard to come up with something to write for beginnings. I found this funny because I am obsessed with beginnings. I have start-itis. Since the beginning of the year I have started five shawls. The memoria (which I’ve finished), the Boneyard which is sitting on my couch awaiting my return (it has been waiting for two weeks. Yes, it has been two weeks since I’ve sat on my couch), my fallen angel, which I think is by my bed? I don’t remember. I do remember that I took it out to work on it a couple of weeks ago but didn’t have my notes on where I was in the pattern so I put it back down, the swerve which I frogged so I could use some of the yarn in something else (and now I’ve decided I don’t need it), and The Fire Cake, which I started, frogged, started again, frogged and I’ve started a third time. Now I’m making the pattern up as I go along. I will do a post just about that soon. It is short rows and lace details and I am really very happy about it.

I really do love beginnings, especially in knitting. The excitement of working with new yarn and on a new project, the thrill of how quickly the first few rows come together (especially on a top-down shawl). I love planning projects and then kicking them off. There is something just so fun and so hopeful about them. Plus, I feel like it makes for better blog posts, telling you about projects I’m starting. Much more interesting than reading about projects in the middle. And, that’s the other thing. It is approaching the end of the semester. It is time submit abstracts for Fall conferences. It is also time to get ready for my summer trips to the places where my speakers live. All of these are beginnings are beginnings as well, they just aren’t beginnings I’ve ever blogged about. I’ve always tried to keep my academic life and my knitting life separate (or at least I’ve tried to keep my academic life off this blog) until recently. You may have noticed the Linguistics 101 posts. I did this because I wanted to keep a place for myself where I didn’t have to worry about school. But, now I’m starting to think that I need to talk more about this other exciting thing I do, partly because I am excited about it and partly because I think the world could use a little more linguistics in it. That was part of what started the Linguistics101 posts. I had some conversations with friends about what I do and I thought that it would be useful to try and write little primers to explain. We all use language all the time and thinking about the complexity can be challenging because, how complex could it be? We do it all the time! 😉

I’m really excited to think about this beginning, changing this space to reflect more of my life.

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2 Responses to Beginnings

  1. Gill says:

    I have startitis too. I’ve lost count of the number of projects I’ve started and then squirrelled away – I do intend to go back to them, but then there is always some new project popping into my head! x

  2. Kate says:

    New projects are the best! I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one with startitis. And, I’m also happy I’m not the only one squirreling things away (I did find the fallen angel. It’s on the couch with the boneyard. I had intended to work on at least one of them last night but was distracted by my research. At least I’m making progress somewhere, right?)

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