Frogging and then frogging again

A couple days ago I was looking at my follow your arrow and I was thinking, “I should pick that up and knit it” but I just wasn’t feeling it. In fact, looking at it was making me unhappy. So, I decided to frog it.

I then found a scarf pattern on pinterest for a button hole scarf. It was a pretty fun looking thing with big round gaps where you cast off and then cast back on a number of stitches in the nest row. I started working on that but then I remembered that a friend of mine knit me a similar scarf in a similar color for Christmas a couple of years ago. I don’t know how I could have forgotten; I love that scarf. It’s like a beautiful fire you can wrap around your neck.

So, I decided to start a shawl and design as a I go. I thought that might be fun, seeing where the whimsy takes me. I’m now twenty rows or so into that and I think I need to add some short rows in a different color. And, I think the color I want to use is the contrast color in the swerve I started (and stopped) back in January. I’m okay with that, too, because that pink is just way too bright for that gorgeous naturally brown leicester long wool.

As much as I hate frogging, I have already done a lot of it this year.

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