Duolingo Addiction

I’ve been starting and ending my days with language practice in Duolingo. Do you know this app? It provides games for language learners (for a few languages, mostly Indo-European and all with bigger speaker numbers). If you like playing games (check) and are goal oriented (check) and you like the boost of completing a task you’ve set for yourself (check), then this app might benefit your language skills (provided you want practice in one or more of the languages available). I think it is benefitting me. it’s at least provided me with some structured procrastination. (Sure, this won’t get me hired, but it also won’t hurt…or so I tell myself.) I can’t help myself, so I signed up for Spanish, French, German and Danish. Surprisingly, I tested into a German level almost as high as my Spanish level. I’m not sure if I should be disappointed in my Spanish or proud of my German. I suspect that I should be a bit of both.

Is there a language you would like to learn? Would you try if you could play games to do it?

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