When do you decide to frog?

I might not have gotten exactly to zero with my queue or busted as much of my stash as I would have liked last year, but I made a strong effort and I got a lot accomplished. There are only three things left in progress on needles. I have startitis in my bones so having only three live projects (and one of them a blanket!) is really good for me. Here’s the thing with the three projects that are left, though. I can’t get excited about them (or I haven’t thought about them in a long while). The blanket is wonderful and it will be perfect in my apartment when I’m done with it. Of course, at the rate I’m knitting it by the time I’m done with it I’ll probably live in another city on a different continent. The other projects I can’t even really picture what they’ll look like when they are done. One of them is a pattern I like, but it is just taking forever and I don’t feel like I get a lot done when I sit down and work on it. This is disheartening because it is an easy pattern, just short rows and knit stitches! But, it’s on 1s. And, it’s taking for-ever. Not in love. The other project is a beaded beauty. But, I am also not in love with it. When I picked out the beads they were meant to go on a different yarn. But, that yarn had some breakage issues and that absolutely broke my heart. The yarn I have the beads on now is perfectly lovely and it will be a tremendously glamorous piece when I’m done. That is, if I ever finish it. And, now I’m wondering: When do you frog? When something has been on needles for over a year and you can’t seem to find a rhythm with it, is it worth it to keep on?

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