Cold Sheep Revisited

At the end of the last year I realized that my yarn stash was eating my life. (More accurately, it was eating the corner of my bedroom where it lives.) The logical solution to this problem, other than to de-stash, was to only knit from the stash this year and to go until at least my birthday without buying yarn. No caveats.

I did both of these things. (Although, I did ask for yarn for my birthday and was gifted some gorgeous limited edition yarn from Expression Fiber Arts.) The only yarn I bought all year I bought at the end of July at Madtosh Crafts in Fort Worth, Texas. (You can’t spend almost two months in Texas less than an hour away from the home of Madeline Tosh yarn and not go check their store!) I bought yarn for a specific project, Celestarium by the Twist Collective but instead of casting on right away I decided I should clear out my knitting queue.

Now that the year is almost over I have three things left in my queue and no desire to knit on any of them. Even worse, I don’t feel my stash has reduced at all. This is possibly because it hasn’t. I have kept up spinning and I’ve added to my roving stash, which means I’ve been making yarn even if I haven’t been buying it. Additionally, I have received a few gifts from traveling friends who have been awesome places with knitting traditions. (Icelandic and Swedish and Estonian yarn, oh my!) What’s more, I’ve realized that yarn isn’t the only thing I horde. I could use a serious de-stashing of, and it breaks my heart to say this, skincare products and makeup, books (particularly ones I know I will never read (again)), and clothes (I own so much clothing and some of it isn’t even my style anymore! Why do I hang onto it?) I feel like many areas of my life could benefit from some Cold Sheep* love.

When it comes to next year’s New Year’s Resolutions, it looks like it might be the case that they look a lot like this year’s. Even though I was successful keeping them.

With one month of 2014 left to go, How has your year fit with your plans for the year?

*Yes, I do realize the expression in English is “cold turkey”.

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