Roving Database

Last Fall, or perhaps that Fall before, I took Felicia Lo’s class on Craftsy on spinning. It was delightful and I learned a lot about technique and spinning with color. Since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make intensely colored yarns. I love color. And, I want it to always be super saturated. Go hard, or go home, Color! With an eye to that, I’ve spent the last year cultivating a stash of intense colors and making plans of how to spin them (together, of course).

I was just sitting down to update the database after this year’s Fall festivals. Looking through the database I noticed that I have not been following my plans. Things that were earmarked to be spun with something else were spun from the fold and navajo-plied. This is obviously okay as it means that I was creative in the moment. Sometimes, the way something looks in a braid isn’t how it looks when it is passing through your fingers and onto a bobbin. This was the case with a braid I bought last year from Winderwood farms.

Winderwood Farms

I thought this was a variegated braid in the bag. It was three long strips of color. While that was unexpected, it gave me an opportunity to try spinning from the fold. What I thought was going to be stripes of color ended up being more like swirls and stripes of color. I had planned on plying it with something else, but it seemed best to just keep it to itself! It was so lovely.

And, now I find myself looking at the database and wondering if my plans are the best plans. We shall see if I stick to them as I pick what I spin next.


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