Review: Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Why do I keep putting myself on the waiting list for these books? The Beautiful Creatures are books about the “caster world” in which there is a magical world that exists right along side the human world. In the first book we were introduced to the two main characters Lena and Ethan. We watched them fall in love and we found out their love was doomed. Pretty standard teen stuff. Well, their love is still doomed and now there are additional complications. Like, What is Lena’s crazy, evil mother up to? And, what is going on with John the potentially not-evil incubus and Ridley the potentially not-evil cousin? And, what’s the world going to be like once Link sorts out his new powers?

What really makes these books, and what keeps me requesting them from the library, are the supporting characters. Amma, Liv, Marian, Link, and Macon are all totally awesome. Ridley and John even seem interesting. Lena and Ethan, however, are total wet blankets and since the story is from Ethan’s perspective and he’s Roman-and-Juliette-style-in-love with Lena (and he can hear her thoughts) we get crazy-sized portions of their crazy-in-love nonsense. These books are only okay. I only recommend picking them up if drama and occasionally drippy romance is your thing.

I got this book from the Erie County Public Library.

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