Review:Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell

This is the first of the Kurt Wallander books.  These have been made into a TV show in the UK starring Kenneth Branagh. They also have a young Tom Hiddleston in them.  This book is about a shocking killing in farm country.  A farmer and his wife are found murdered (or nearly murdered).  Wallander is called out to investigate. There is no rhyme or reason apparent to the killings and the police are worried that panic will spread through the community.  Then, to make matter worse, a rumor that foreigners were involved in the killing spreads through the community and refugees are attacked because of it.  Now, Wallander and the police have to solve multiple related crimes:  The killing of the farm couple and attacks on refugees.  

I found Kurt Wallander to be quite likable.  He’s broken in places, but he’s a hard worker and he cares about solving crimes.  His relationships with people are complicated and that just makes him seems more real.  I checked this out of the library and as soon as I finished it I checked out the next one.  I listened to them both of my Spring Break, able to finish them both because I got the flu.  Thanks, virus!

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