Work Jail

A friend of mine has introduced me to the concept of “Work Jail”. Work Jail is a place where you go when you have a bunch of looming deadlines and you need to just get that stuff done. But, unlike other kinds of jail, you can have as many visitors as you like (and you and/or they can bring treats) as long as those visitors are willing to abide by the rules of work jail and just get stuff done.

It is Spring Break. I am in work jail. (Which is a bummer, because I thought I’d be on dissercation. (This is a vacation that you take from everything but your dissertation.) I’ve had the pleasure of being part of a large, multi-person study while I’ve been working on my PhD and right now we’re trying to disseminate our awesome findings through a series of papers. Of course, this has meant a lot of writing and a lot of creating and checking, re-checking, double-checking and double-re-checking of graphs and models. Which is cool; I like the work. But, I also have a lot of dissertation stuff to attend to as my first field trip for collecting dissertation data draws ever closer. (True, I won’t be going until this summer but I have to be prepared for the field trip and preparation takes time.) And, I’ve hit a snag. Typically a snag is just an opportunity to learn how to do something (or learn how to do something better.) I’m not sure with this one. I keep getting an error that doesn’t exist when I google it. That doesn’t happen very often; usually you have a problem that someone else has already had and asked the internet about. The collective power of people on the internet has solved a lot of problems. (It’s also caused a lot of flame wars, but that’s a discussion for a different day.) But, the problem needs to be solved so solve it I must.

When you have a problem that you can’t seem to solve, what is your go-to for finding an answer?

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