To sum up, February was busy but March might be busier still.

My big goals for February were another grant deadline for my dissertation. Reading some books and articles for my dissertation. Transcribing and then coding some data for a secondary project. Participating in the Ravellenic Games. Brewing. And, finally starting the literary podcast that my sister and I have been discussing for well over a year. I was pretty successful at accomplishing these things. As you know from previous posts, some brewing did take place. And, I made my grant deadline and got some reading done. I also transcribed some audio recordings and am about to start coding the data for the secondary project I’m working on. While the podcast is still in discussion phase, I did manage to complete the Accola shawl (post to come.) February may have been short, but it was mighty!

March is shaping up to be quite busy. I have a lot of dissertation deadlines looming. I also am working on some papers with some colleagues. I’m looking forward to those being submitted! Talking about your results is a good time! I started a shawl for my sister during her recent visit to my fair city and I would like to finish that. After that, though, I think I will be taking some time off of knitting to focus my down time on another one of my textile related hobbies: spinning. I have some really interesting color combinations I’m looking forward to trying and I would like to do some fractal spinning. I went a little crazy at the Fiber festivals last year and so I have a lot of stash to bust this year. Finally, one of my new year’s resolutions was to blog more about general linguistic topics. I hope to get the first of those posts up in the month of March.

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