At the beginning of February, I got this magnificent idea that it should actually be fe-brew-ary.

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Of course, I thought I should brew some beer which didn’t happen. The other thing I thought I’d try my hand at was some kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink. While I never got around to brewing beer, I did manage to brew some kombucha and I’m happy to say I’m about to make my second batch.

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Kombucha is pretty simple. You need tea, sugar, live culture and if you’re feeling fancy some added spices and flavorings. For my first batch, I didn’t go fancy. But, this next batch I think I will do a secondary fermentation with some pureed berries or some juice. We’ll see how fancy I’m feeling in a few weeks. I enjoy the sour taste of the fermented tea and I’ve been reading about how good fermented foods are for your belly. Everyone has seen the Jamie Lee Curtis Activia commercials. Yogurt is great and delicious and full of happy bacteria! Super! Gotcha! But, since I’m not a huge fan of dairy products like yogurt, getting healthy bacteria into my life is best accomplished some other way. Kombucha seemed like a reasonable way. And, since it’s typically priced at a $1.50 or more a serving if you get it at the store making it myself really is a bargain. Tea and sugar are pretty inexpensive. I already had the jars to ferment it in. So, I just had to secure my own culture. I ended up buying the culture from a brewer through Amazon, which cost me no more than 10 bucks but I probably could have gotten it locally through Craig’s list or by asking around. In fact, I bet I will have enough SCOBY (that’s what the culture is called) to share. The culture itself really thrived on the sugar it had in the tea and if I’d kept it a little warmer may have even worked a bit faster. You have to give it at least 7 days, but I gave it 21 days. It turned out well and even though it isn’t fancy, I do still like its flavor.

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