Review: Stiff

I now know what gibbeting is. Thanks, Mary Roach. But, I also know that there is a company in Sweden that is perfecting the art of freeze drying and disintegrating human remains so that they may provide fertilizer for a tree (And, that, I think, is a beautiful memorial). This is another book that I got from the public library. I remember when this book first came out, darn near a decade ago. At the time, I thought it looked interesting and I’m happy I’ve now read it, even if some of the information is a little out of date. This book is about everything that a body can go through when it is donated to science. Roach takes us on a tour of medical schools, research facilities, body farms and mortuaries. In addition to that, she goes into some of the history of sciences that have used cadavers (including discussing resurrectionists, Burke and Hare and the early medical school horrors). She also discusses beating heart cadavers and the soul. This book was morbid and entertaining and off-putting and interesting. We know so much about our bodies and have benefited from the work that these previously human remains have done. It was terribly interesting to read about impact experiments and decomposition. Even if it was morbid and creepifying at times.

Definitely worth the read.

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