Review: Vampire Academy

This is another book that I got from the public library. I picked it up because it was on that Buzzfeed list about books one should read before the film comes out. This is set in a world where there are different kinds of vampires. There are the Moroi, who drink blood and have some kind of magic. The Dhampir who are warriors and act as body guards to the Moroi. And, then there are Strigoi, the walking dead who no longer have access to magic and who are stronger than strong and dangerous. The strigoi live by hunting down Moroi. I think you see where this is going. Rose and Lissa (a dhampir and a moroi) broke out of St. Vladimir’s academy a couple of years ago but have now been hunted down by the guards of the academy. They do not look forward to the prospect of returning to the school or their lives there. But, return they now must. They ran away because they were hiding a secret and when they return they discover that someone else knows. As they work to keep their secrets (and figure out who else knows) they have to unravel a mystery at the heart of their school in order to be in a better position to save themselves.

Exciting stuff. Added to all of that there’s romance and teenage jerks and evil-doers all in the mix. This was a fun a book and I’m looking forward to getting the next one in the series from the library. Although, I’m less interested in the film.

Worth the read if: You like vampires and crazy teen fiction

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