Being Healthy

All of the books seem to say the same thing: stock your kitchen such that the healthy food is just as easy to eat as the junk food (but of course, you should get rid of your junk food.) I’ve been reading Vegan before 6 by Mark Bittman and he suggests the same thing. Now, this is fine and it’s a great idea which is probably why everyone keeps repeating it. But, stocking your kitchen with ready-to-eat, already chopped, fresh fruit and veg requires planning and it requires budgeting. And, eating already requires a lot of planning for me because I cook to make leftovers which means I have to plan meals in advance. But, as someone who identifies as flexitarian, I would like to incorporate some of Bittman’s ideas into my life. I like the idea of being largely vegan with special animal-based treats every now and then. I like looking at my life and my diet that way. So, I’ve decided to try a few things. First, in order to stick to my budget, I’m going to have to eat as many of my fresh fruits and veg out of my freezer or a tin as possible. Technology (and industrial farming) have progressed such that eating frozen fruits and veg you are sometimes getting more nutrition from them than eating them fresh off the shelf. (This means that I have to keep my freezer from being choked with frost, but that’s a story for another day.) Additionally, I’m going to plan a month at a time so that I can buy staples in bulk. If I know that I’m going to eat 2 lbs of garbanzo beans then it makes sense to buy the five pound bag this month and the five pound bag of kidney beans next month to change it up, etc. (There are some problems with this, too, because I can be an emotional eater and if I’m planning a month in advance I can’t stop at the store on the way home and buy whatever I think will make me feel better when I’m having a bad day. Again, that’s a post for another day.) But, finally I’m planning on using my office on campus a lot this semester, which means those days I’m going to be there instead of home. So, I either have to hoof a lunch bag into campus with various snacks everyday (not loving the idea of adding an extra bag of crap to my commute), be prepared to eat a lot of Subway salads (terrible for the budget), or I have to come up with a third way. So, this is the third way I’ve come up with: I’ve taken a bowl and silverware into my office and I’m taking a bag of salad, pieces of fruit equal to the number of days I’ll be on campus that week and non-dairy milk if I’m out of it from week to week. I also have a bottle of salad dressing, too. I figure my desire to not irritate my office mates, I will keep me eating the perishables I bring into the office.

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