Ravellenic Games: Sochi 2014

I’m nothing if not ambitious. This year, in the midst of Cold Sheeping it, I’ve decided to take part in the Ravellenic games and to do something from my queue. So, I picked the Accola shawl by Laura Nelkin. As you can see, if you followed the link, It is a beautiful design. And, I figured that after the initial outlay of the lacy border that, despite it being a beaded lace shawl, it wouldn’t be so bad because the lace on the body is confined to that panel in the middle so I’ll have long stretches of stockinette. That’s completely doable in a couple of weeks, right? I further sold myself on the idea with the notion that the Lace Guild’s annual Lace In was being held that day after the opening ceremonies (last Saturday), and if I went to that like I was planning to I’d have 6 hours to get at least the border under my belt and I’d go into this first week of Olympics ready to work on the body.

Of course, things never work out like you plan them. I didn’t actually make it to the Lace Guild’s Lace In because I was racing to make a conference deadline. Deadline in the bag on Saturday night, with a few hours to spare!, I did manage to get some stitches on the needles. Sunday, I had lunch at a Sports Bar and watched Poland take ski jumping gold (I like their hats) while I got a few more stitches on the needles. So, it’s Tuesday now and I’m about halfway through the border. I firmly believe that I will be working on the body by Friday. I still think I can make this thing. I’m so excited about it, actually. The yarn and beads I’ve picked I think will make for a beautiful shawl. Plus, now I have an excuse to go places and watch the games.

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