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So, I made this promise to myself that every other book I read this year would be non-fiction. I did this because the world is an interesting place and, to paraphrase 20th century philosopher Ferris Bueller if you don’t look around sometimes you’ll miss it. Reading is a way for me to look around. I know, Ferris meant bunk off school and spend the day tooling around Chicago. But, if you pick the right non-fiction, you can bunk off school and tool around Hellenistic Egypt. How cool is that?

There was one thing I didn’t count on when I made this promise to myself. That I’m still fulfilling last year’s promise to check out as many books from the library as I can. Of course, this means if I’ve put my name on a waiting list, I have to read whatever comes up when it comes up or I have to go back on the waiting list. This already happened once this year. I put myself on the waiting list for a number of books from < href=>this Buzzfeed list and The Fault of our Stars, Vampire Academy and Winter’s Tale all came available within 3 days of each other. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I put myself back on the waiting list for The Fault of Our Stars.. Actually, scratch that, I’m not embarrassed at all. The only book I’ve read by John Green was Looking for Alaska and even though the big event in the book is signposted from page one and the narrator provides you a bloody countdown, it still broke me. I know what that book is about and I know that I will spend at least one evening sitting in my comfy chair surrounded by my cats bawling my eyes out because of that book. I have shit to do this week; bawling my eyes out (likely at 2 in the morning) ain’t in the cards. So, I checked out Vampire Academy (interesting, I’m in.) and when it came available Winter’s Tale (I can’t even remember what that is about now). And, I have two other non-fiction books I’ve started (in addition to my dissertation reading, although the book on statistics I’m reading is dissertation adjacent.) that will need to be finished before too long.

Sometimes, you have competing interests. What are you planning on reading this year?

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