I have been craving pot pie. It’s a total comfort food. Nothing says home like a snowy day with pot pie, salad and a nice bourbon. (Okay, the bourbon doesn’t say “comfort food” but my Dad and I have been working through a bottle of Cedar Ridge bourbon which is local and delicious.) Thankfully, the weather obliged and I got to watch it snow before the sun went down.

But, I’m not really all that comfortable cooking in someone else’s kitchen (and I was cooking at my parents’ house.)

So, I went for a recipe I found on Pinterest. It was an easy recipe from pillsbury using a tube of biscuits, condensed soup, chicken and vegetables. I added some spices (a Pensey’s blend.). A wonderful convenience food recipe. (So, probably not the best, health-wise.)

They turned out delicious. Everyone liked it. The biscuits made a nice doughy crust. I may have to recreate the recipe without the chicken soon.


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