Wrap Yourself Up: Week 2 of scarves


This week was a little weird in that I didn’t have to teach because of Veteran’s Day and I had some meetings cancelled so I thought of a lot of usual reasons to leave the house taken off the table. No bother, though. I just wore the cozy, crazy scarves.

On Monday while I readied my grocery list for the plant-based challenge I wore my slytherin scarf. This has the name “Slytherin” intarsia’d into it. My friend Joy Killyjoy, the ’52 Spitfire made it for me before I moved to Wales. She went to all the trouble of making sure it was never mistaken for anything other than a Slytherin scarf so I wouldn’t get accused of wearing another team’s footie colors. I love it. That scarf is one of the longest scarves I own. It was lovely to wear it out to the store. Tuesday, another day I didn’t have to leave the house, I wore the Muppet scarf. It’s just red, white, and pink felt but it cracks me up. It’s quite warm, too. I won it last year at the Ten Lives Club Valentine’s Day fundraiser. I bid on the theme basket specifically for the scarf. Wednesday I wore this green and purple lace piece. The yarn is Crystal Palace Mochi and the pattern for the scarf came from Victorian Lace Today. I think it might be my first all lace piece. I remember I finished it right before I attended my first Lace Guilld Seminar. I was very proud of it. I still love it.

Thursday was another for not leaving the house. I wore the blue and white tie-dyed scarf. It came with a tank top as part of a two-piece set I bought years and years ago at Wal-Mart. I’m not actually all that in love with this scarf and now that I’m writing about it I think it might be time to release it back into the wild via AmVets.

Friday was a theme day. I wore the grey jersey silk-screened Kraken scarf that was recently featured in a Glass Bowl photo with my eShakti anchor dress. No one commented on the outfit, but I knew and I loved it. Release the kraken!

Saturday I wore a sparkly little thing that I think I bought at Kohl’s. Another scarf that I’m not sure I love but I’m not sure I don’t love. It is a very light scarf and is much more fashion and than function. But, it was unseasonably warm over the weekend and that made it a perfect scarf.

Finally, I Sunday I wore the gray infinity scarf. Another piece that I picked up at Kohl’s. I like it because of the ribbons woven through the yarn overs. I bought this scarf a couple of years ago when I went home for a friend’s wedding October. It needs to have some of the ribbons woven back through the yarn overs but it’s still a great scarf. It’s fun without being loud.

I’ve noticed this week that I have one or two ways of tying a scarf and I leave it at that. I either wrap it around once and let the ends dangle or I wrap it so that it looks like an infinity scarf. On Friday, I tried a different knot and I’ve since been looking into different ways on tying things on pinterest. So, maybe in the coming weeks I will have some new knots to show off!


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