Review: Skinny Bitch

So, I read this book in the Spring and it was just what I thought it would be: vegan motivation (ish). The goal of the book is to encourage to move from eating bad animal-rich junk to better animal-free junk. The thing that stuck with me was “you are what you eat “. We’ve all heard this mantra but having it interweaves through discussions of factory farming made these discussions really powerful. Like The Lean, this book encourages you to seek out videos and descriptions of animal farming and think about the place that has in your life and diet.

Even though I’m from farm country, I’m not from a farming family and most animal farming is done far enough away that you can ignore the stories of the farms or huge smells at ADM. Having something that makes you think about where your food comes from and the impact your daily choices (who knew something as ubiquitous as a ham and cheese sandwich would be such a big deal?) is worth the read.

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