Review: Engine #2 Diet

Keeping with the theme of this year, I read this book because I knew it was vegan and I thought it would have good recipes. I really enjoyed the recipes and I like all of the stories about people taking their health in their own hands and getting healthy. If I have any complaint it is with this book and pretty much every other book that targets food as a way to manage health is the way everyone always focuses on weight. And, this is something that has really started to bother me because it feeds into this idea that you can look at someone and tell how healthy they are. This isn’t true. I know so many people who look healthy but who absolutely aren’t. And, vice versa. I like the idea of focusing on what we eat as part of staying healthy. I don’t like the idea of focusing on what we eat in order to get thin.

This is a great book for recipes, though. I make the red bean, quinoa and kale all the time. And, it is delicious every time.

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