Lifestyle Blues

I have a lot of things on the horizon and so most of my energy is going towards getting everything together for my dissertation proposal, getting everything ready for a workshop in Amsterdam, getting everything ready so that I can get myself to said workshop in Amsterdam, Thanksgiving, Christmas with my Mom, Christmas presents. You could probably re-write the words to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” to “It’s the most run-around time of the year”. There is just so much to do.

And, getting with my mind (and all of my lists) focused on preparing for these futures I feel a little lost in the “What do I eat now?” department. I’ve got all of these fun and exciting vegan things pinned on pinterest. I’ve got cookbooks galore and I even have a set of recipes that have become tried and true in the past couple months. I’ve been meaning to review some things I’ve made (and remade) from all of the books including a lovely vegan pizza recipe that I think just kicks ass. But, with everything going on what I really want is comfort food. Simple, quick and just like what I’m used to. I keep thinking I’ll get or make stuff to have sandwiches, but then I look at the sandwich spreads and none of them sound appealing. I’ve come to realize that for me a sandwich has meat and cheese on it. It is a little disheartening when you made multigrain pilaf for 6 (by accident. I didn’t mean to make that much) but you only have it in you to eat it twice. Then, what do you do? Right now I’m trying to rally myself by thinking of things that sound homey and delicious and that can me made with only a few tweaks. I’m thinking I may have settled on bean burritos for a few meals this week and a cauliflower pasta crisp for the other meals. But, it still doesn’t seem like comfort food.

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