The other day I was at a pet store to pick up some litter for my cats. When I walked in everyone was standing around looking at a bird cage. It looked a little like everyone was waiting for a musician to start playing, the way they were all standing around. “What’s going on?” I asked. “A couple of finches got out. Oh, and two of them hatched a baby, so there’s a baby finch in there, too!”

So, after I picked up the litter (and some cat treats) I walked past the cage to see the baby finch. I was expecting a little nest and a featherless little guy chirping for some food but the baby wasn’t that young. Instead, he was almost full size and his coloring was different. At first I looked at him and I thought, “Why’s that one different?” And, then I felt bad for him because we all know the different kids get picked on at the playground. While I was standing there, the two escapees flew down to the cage and hung out, looking in at the other finches. Bold as brass, they were. I wasn’t sure if they didn’t get that the others were stuck in the cage and were saying, “Hey, Come on! This place is huge!” or, if they got it and they were being jerks, “Haha! You’re still stuck inside!” You never know with finches.

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