Knocking Off WIPs

It has been awhile since I’ve written a post dedicated to what is on my needles so I figured it was time. I’ve knocked a number WIPs (work in progress) into the FO (finished object) category. I am pleased to show you pictures of these items.

These weren’t necessarily finished in this order but I feel that is just a detail.

First, I finished a lace project that I started in a workshop over a year ago. This is a sun in the teneriffe lace style (Yes, the lace style is not spelled the same way as the island. Go figure.) This is actually half of the project because there is also a moon. It just hasn’t been started.

a little lace

The next thing I finished was a scarf for my sister in the leftovers of the yarn for her hat. I used the bamboo pattern out of Vogue’s Stitchionary. I realized about halfway through the scarf that it had a really pretty right side and a bizarre wrong side. So, I fixed it by making it an infinity scarf! No need to ever see that wrong side! Here is a picture of me modeling the scarf.

summerbegins 036

Fun, isn’t it?

During finals week, I attended another lace workshop. This year I actually completed the project within the week. I feel this is a step forward. (I also bought a bunch of books. One of which is in German! I feel like that might be a step backwards, but who is counting steps? No me, certainly.)

Judgmental owl has weighed, measured and found you short.

If you follow me on instagram or tumblr, you know that Judgmental owl used about 11,000 straight pins while I was working him which made him look really badass and metal at the time.

And, finally, I finished the Victorian Lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today that I picked out to make for myself when I bought the yarn for Beth’s penguins (At least) two years ago. Interestingly, that isn’t the yarn that a bought to make the scarf in. Oh, no, it surely isn’t. It is sock yarn that I bought to make throw pillows out of two years ago. Ah, well. At least it has been used.

Victorian Scarf in Modern Sock Yarn

I have made some progress on my sweater, but I am running out of yarn (and knit picks keeps pushing back the date of when my yarn will be available for purchase again. I have made not progress of the two-at-a-time Tuscany socks. As it turns out, those balls of wool weren’t center-pull balls and thus I have made a huge mess of them. It is epically frustrating.

So, currently on my needles: a scarf for last year’s Love Letter Postcard Competition winner, the sweater and the dreaded Tuscany Socks. The smart money is on me finishing the Love Letter Postcard Contest winner’s scarf first.

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