Coconut Tempeh Nuggets

These sounded delicious to me. Coconut nuggets with some fries and maybe a cocktail with a little rum in it? Yes, that sounds like the perfect summmer shut-up-I’m-a-real-grown-up dinner. Like chicken nuggets but without having a vein snap back at you. Bliss. So, made whipped me up some. They were not a disappointment, but they weren’t as crispy as I thought they’d be.

To make these, you gather up some coconut, coconut flour (in the gluten-free aisle in the dirty hippie section of your well-stocked supermarket), coconut oil (a little expensive, but delicious) and some coconut milk. Oh, and you’ll need some tempeh.

coconut batter fixin's

You cut the tempeh into nuggets.

tempeh nuggets

Then, you mix the other ingredients a bowl minus the oil. The coconut batter was chunkier than I expected it to be, so I added a splash of extra milk. The next time I make this, I think I’ll add an even bigger extra splash.

coconut batter

Then, you roll your nuggets in the coconut mixture and toss them into a pan that has been heating up coconut oil. Easy peasy. So, coconutty and delicious. I served them with some pineapple slices, just for a little fun.

with pineapple (it had to be done)

This is a recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes.

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