VT’s cherry-almond strudel

This is another review of a recipe from this month’s Vegetarian Times. I figured since I had a bunch of phyllo dough, I’d continue to work my way through the fancy phyllo recipes. It turns out, I’ve noticed, that phyllo dough is one of those fancy things that seems like a pain but it is actually not that bad to work with and looks impressive. But, I’ve found it is a little problematic if you’re using a fancy thing for just you and you’re not trying to impress people: It soaks up fluids and stops being nice and crispy when you have leftovers. This is a bummer. And, it didn’t even have a ton of weird ingredients. (Or, it did and I have a weird kitchen.)

That being said, this is a fun recipe. You take some sheets of phyllo dough and sprinkle them with a mixture of almonds and spices and such. You take the extra almond and spices and such and mix it with some canned tart cherries.

You wrap the cherries and almonds and you wrap it in the phyllo sheets.

You make it. It was delicious. I had it for dessert. And, then I had it for breakfast.

Yummy strudel

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