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Saturday morning, after I hollowed out eggs with nothing but a pushpin, a paper clip, a straw, and the power of my own lungs I decided to make myself a special and fun lunch. I had leftover tomatoes and I cooked that up into a quick tomato sauce with garlic and shallots. And, I had the leftover fu-tagge cheese from the farmer’s pie. So, I decided to whip up this little recipe that I found on pinterest. I picked this recipe because it looks spectacular. Just absolutely amazing. And, it didn’t seem that complicated in terms of steps or ingredients.

I just had to chop up some vegetables.

Saute them.

Preheat my oven and line my cupcake tins with wonton wrappers.

Layer the ingredients and cook them. While I was in the process of all this layering, I thought for a second that I hadn’t learned my lesson on picking recipes that were complicated.

These puppies have two layers.

But, as I started putting things together I realized it wasn’t that complicated. A little fu-tagge cheese, a little veg, a little pasta sauce, some daiya mozzarella style shredded cheese and another wonton wrapper. Repeat and pop in the oven.

These are really tasty. I added a sprinkle of dried basil to the top (because who doesn’t love basil) and I just mowed through them at lunch. This is a fun little recipe (that you could make non-vegan if you really wanted to) that would be great for dinner parties or other special occasions like lunch on a Saturday.

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2 Responses to Lasagna Cupcakes from

  1. Stephy says:

    YUM! You showed these to me when I saw you, and they looked awesome, but after seeing how they’re put together, I’m dying for them! Wonder if they well won-ton wrappers at Tesco. Hmmm.

  2. Kate says:

    I bet they will have them at Tesco. I would look with the conveniently chopped up veggies in addition to looking in the Asian food aisle. I think I’m going to make them again this week, except with kale pesto instead of red sauce. They really weren’t a lot of work and they are so cute! I love food that is a lot of bang for your buck!

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