Step 2 no a no-cheese lifestyle: Cheese-less carrot-ricotta quiche

This month’s Vegetarian Times had a series of tasty phyllo dough recipes in it and I happen to have 2 eggs, a bunch of carrots and some phyllo dough. And, now I even have tasty vegan ricotta.

So, I followed their recipe and made myself some quiche. The only subbing I did was the vegan ricotta for low-fat ricotta. I know, unusual for me that I only made one change. The recipe starts out with five pieces of phyllo dough, sprayed with cooking spray and put into your pie pan.

Then, you mix up the ingredients: grated carrots, shallots, parsley, ricotta, eggs and nutritional yeast.

I tossed this into the oven and let it cook for half an hour.

It didn’t melt together as much as it probably would have with cow’s cheese, but it still looked pretty good. And, it is also super delicious. This is supposed to last me for a few days, but I may eat through it faster than planned.

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