Nutella Coffee

When I was visiting my sister last November, I had a chance to tool around her neighborhood with my Dad one morning. We wondered into a local coffee shop and my Dad ordered what he fancied, but I had to peruse the menu. I noticed, somewhere in the middle of their menu, that they had what they called a “Nutella cortado”. So, A cafe cortado I imagined would be a short coffee (see, I did learn some Spanish when I did that minor in college) which would likely be some espresso with a smidge of milk (Wikipedia confirms my linguistic dilettante intuitions about the meaning of cafe cortado. Hooray!) . I like espresso. I like steamed milk when it is in espresso. And, I love nutella. So, it really was a no-brainer when I saw it on the menu.

It was more of a latte than a cortado, but it was delicious. In addition to the huge scoop of nutella that they added to the milk before they steamed it, they also added a couple shots of caramel syrup. This made the drink slightly caramel flavored and very sweet. I decided when I got home, that I’d give this amazing beverage a whirl in my own kitchen, but with some modifications. First of all, I love caramel and so I don’t keep it in the house, as it wouldn’t “keep” for very long (if you get my meaning). Secondly, I don’t need all that extra sugar. Thirdly, while I’m sure they would have subbed soy milk if I had asked, the original drink was made with cow’s milk. I am not in the habit of buying cow’s milk but I do often keep non-dairy milk in the house. This week I have almond milk. Finally, I don’t have an espresso machine (or a milk steamer of any kind), so I would obviously have to improvise with drip coffee and my stove. No problem. It is not as sweet as the original, but it has the rich flavor of nutella and that is good enough for me.

This is what I came up with:

8 oz brewed black coffee of your favorite roast/from your favorite location (We’re brewing a medium roast Colombian here at Ty Kate)
4 0z milk of your choice
2 tsp nutella (or more to taste)

Toss the teaspoons of nutella into your 4 ounces and put them both in a small saucepan on the stove. Heat until it is quite hot but not boiling. Pour your coffee in a mug that’ll hold at least 12 ounces. (I’d go a bit bigger.) Add the heated up milk/nutella combination. Enjoy!

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