Farmhouse Fricassee

I really love using my slow cooker. I once joked that having a slow cooker and a coffee pot with a timer on it was better than having a boyfriend (because someone always made me dinner and someone always made me coffee in the morning.) So, I’ve really been enjoying cooking my way through Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker because it has really given me the chance to try a bunch of new things and have someone make me dinner.


As you know, I’ve only relatively recently discovered seitan, so I was interested in trying out this recipe because it uses seitan as a substitute for chicken in a traditional fricassee. I didn’t stick with the recommended vegetables in the ingredients, instead substituting what I had on hand for things I didn’t have. In addition to the seitan, I added shallots, carrots and potatoes (on the ingredients list) and a couple of daikon radishes (not on the list) to the mix.


The ingredients were all slow cooked in a little broth with some white wine and spices. The end result was a really relaxed, traditional-looking (faux) meat and vegetable meal. I liked the way the broth and wine soaked into everything and gave it a casserole feel. The seitan was very chewy and that was a little weird, but I got over it. This was a nice little meal to come home to, although, I probably should have eaten it with some salad or some kind of steamed green vegetable so that it would have been more balanced. This recipe also made enough that I had it for a few days and I was able to freeze some so that I can have it in a month or so. It is always nice to be able to feed future-me.


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