Stuff I have in my house soup

Stuff I have in my house soup1

Unfortunately my photography improvisation is not as up to snuff as my food improvisation. Every now and then I make a type of soup that I call “stuff I have in my house” soup. Guess what goes in it? That’s right, food I happen to have on hand. There are some benefits of this soup. First, it uses vegetables, pasta, beans, bits of meat, whatever happens to be around and needs to be eaten. And, You always have a unique soup that you’ve possibly never had before and will never happen again. But, it has its drawbacks, too. The biggest one being that you have a unique soup that you’ve possibly never had before and will never have again. Tonight I made this soup. I used an onion, 3 beets, 5 potatoes, 3 cups of white beans, 6 cups of chicken stock, two teaspoons of olive oil and Penzey’s Singapore Spice mix.

I started with the olive oil and the onion. I chopped the onion and sauteed it in the olive oil, about 3 or 4 minutes. To this I added the broth, beans, potatoes and beets. I brought it to a boil and then remembered the spice mix, about 2 teaspoons. I then simmered it until the potatoes were cooked through.

The soup turned out pretty good this time, although it was a little bland. Usually I add garlic to soup, but I’m currently out of it. The beans are wonderful. I love eating beans because they fill you up for a long time. I’ve been eating more beans since I’ve discovered Linda Watson’s website. They are wonderful. Beans are full of fiber and protein and there’s just something about eating them that makes me feel more even and stable when I’ve had them in a meal. Food is interesting and fun like that. I recommend you try your own stuff you have in your house soup!

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