Cream of Broccoli (and other vegetables I happen to have in my house) Soup

I love cream of broccoli soup. I love it so much. I’ve loved it my whole life. I really, really love me some cream of broccoli soup. It makes you think you’re doing something healthy (eating broccoli) but it is full of cream and butter and so you’re really not. (Yes, that broccoli could look nicer. But, a combination of the end of the semester, CSA timing and life conspiring to put off making the soup “for one more night” until the broccoli looked a little yellowish. It tasted fine, though.)


And, you know, cream-based soups aren’t that hard to make. No, really. You start by chopping up your veg (I used broccoli, a potato, a tiny kohlrabi and kale and an onion). You set your vegetables aside. Then you cook your onions and a little garlic in some butter.

After the onions are translucent, you add some flour and make a roux. To this you add some broth, potatoes and kohlrabi and cook for a smidge, about ten minutes. You want the potatoes and the kohlrabi to start getting soft.


Then you add some cream and your broccoli. You cook until the veg are cooked.


You add the kale (if you are using it) and cook an additional five minutes. You want to save the kale for the end because you don’t want to make the soup too bitter.


And, then you enjoy your amazing, tasty, homemade awesome cream of broccoli (and other vegetables you happen to have in your house) soup.


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