Pop Culture Homework Assignment: Sugar Hill

I added this film to my queue because it is a film about revenge and Voodoo and killers brought back from the dead. In particular, it includes an invoking of my favorite Voodoo loa, Baron Samedi. Sugar Hill’s boyfriend Langston runs a club. A ridiculously racist jerk of a big boss white man is trying to buy the club from Langston. When Langston refuses, Poor excuse for a man-jerk face then has Langston killed.

Sugar, upset at the loss of her beau asks Mama Maitresse, a Voodoo priestess to help her garner the power to avenge the death of Langston. They invoke Baron Samedi, who grants her the power. She then goes on to kill every one of jerk face’s men.

Meanwhile, Valentine (Sugar’s ex-boyfriend and cop) investigates the killing of Langston and the other bodies as they begin to pile up. He finds an old slave shackle at one of the crime scenes and he begins to believe that Voodoo is somehow involved in the murders. He begins to put the pieces together while Sugar and Baron Samedi pick off jerk face’s men down to the last one.

This movie is from 1974. Even so, I was surprised by the blatant racism in the picture, for example the woman who refuses to serve a black woman. But, I suppose, given the subject matter, this whole film was a racist enterprise. I mean, it is a film about Voodoo being used for revenge, for pity’s sake. That being said, the killings and undead were AWESOME. Exactly what I expect from zombie films and that made it pretty good.

Also, Sugar is an effing genius and I love how she plays both sides and gets what she wants. So, it is a fun little film.

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