Pop Culture Homework Assignment: Dear Zachary

I just spent the last ninety minutes in tears. I knew this film was going to be a bit of a tear jerker, it started as a memorial to a murdered friend in the form of a letter to his unborn son. But, I had no idea that it was going to go in the direction that it went.

Andrew Bagby was murdered in 2001, possibly by his pregnant ex-girlfriend. She then flees home to Canada where through a series of administrative cock-ups allow her to roam free, give birth and raise Andrew’s child. Andrew’s parents have to sue in order to be allowed to see Andrew’s son, Zachary. They are given access, but have to interact with Andrew’s alleged killer. After being released on bail a second time, the alleged killer murders Zachary and then commits suicide.

This film is so heart breaking. And, it highlights some of the hiccups in the Canadian legal system. It is…it is all just such a tragedy. Andrew Bagby seemed liked a wonderful person who positively effected every person that he met. And, to think that the woman that may have killed him was allowed to raise his son and be in a position to also murder his son is just so shocking.

Even though this film is sad, I really recommend it. It was an interesting documentary because it allowed you to see some of the Canadian judicial system but also because it showed you a glimpse of two lives that were snuffed out way too soon.

The film’s website has more information on bail reform legislation that has been campaigned for by Andrew Bagby’s parents.

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