Pop Culture Homework Assignment: The episodes of Charmed I’ve never seen before

When I lived in the Wales, Charmed was on twice a day, two episodes back to back. I often had them on while I was cooking and then eating dinner. I liked the show because Alyssa Milano’s character Phoebe cracked me up and because the witchiness was fun (even if the sisters do seem to have a disdain for practioners who aren’t magical). But, they only had the rights to the Paige seasons on whatever channel I was watching it on. Since I’ve been back, I’ve seen a number of the Prue episodes, but not all of them, so aided by Netflix instant and it being already in my queue, I have had it on mostly as background noise recently. (Which probably doesn’t count as “watching” but it should, I think, since every episode is a mishmash or a demon/ghost/werewolf/whatever attack, personal life drama, and some hilarity.)

I think I like the Prue episodes much better than I like the Paige episodes. And, while I was writing this I was trying to come up with the reasons why. I think I liked the dynamic of the three sisters more in the Prue years than the Paige years. I also really enjoyed Prue’s character development as she learned to deal with her powers and share her secrets with Andy, and lead and support this trio, as she had done as an older sister without powers. Also, I think that Shannen Doherty is a little easier to look at than Rose McGowan. Not that either of them are unattractive, its just that with the dyed dark hair (which she has in a few seasons) which washes out her pale skin even further and her jutting thinness I keep expecting Rose McGowan to pass out.

So, this isn’t a life changing show and it wasn’t an amazing show. It doesn’t have dialogue I can quote (like anything made my Aaron Sorkin or Joss Whedon) but it is certainly an enjoyable little show, no matter which three sisters you’re watching.

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