Pop Culture Homework Assignment: Food Matters

Yet another documentary in my netflix queue on what to eat and the impact of what eat on our bodies and the planet. This one focuses primarily on nutrition and medicine, making the claim that healthy, organic, plant based diets containing all of the nutrients you need and very few processed foods or added chemicals not only improves your health but can help you stave off or recover from chronic illness (such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer). Now, I don’t think that should be much of a surprise. We’ve all heard “You are what you eat” and I would guess that most of us know the adage, “money you spend on good food is money you don’t spend at the doctor”, so the thought that if we eat better we can prevent or even reverse damage from chronic illness is such surprise. What was a surprise is that vitamin therapy might be used as a cancer treatment and that not a lot of research has gone or is going into that. Where do we spend our money, National Institutes of Health? Shouldn’t we be researching on how to bolster our immune systems so that our bodies can treat themselves? Shouldn’t we be spending money on how to prevent disease (with nutrition and vitamins) so that our national health care doesn’t break the bank? It was an interesting documentary and it raised some questions that I’m planning on asking my nutritionist (She is available all year round as part of the services paid for by Comprehensive Student Fees, my Academic friends!) the next time I see her. Some of the things they brought up make me skeptical (not because I don’t think getting all the nutrients you need can help, but because I feel anything new should be researched and investigated) such as mega-dose vitamin treatments and eating 51% raw foods in your diet. (Cooking food apparently makes your body attack the food? Is that right?) But, all in all, the information seemed to be pretty balanced and the people they interviewed seemed to be reasonable, suggesting that nutrition should be the place that we start when preventing illness and part of all recommended courses of treating an illness, and that makes sense me. Also, one the doctors they interviewed pointed out that there is no magic bullet for curing anything, but a body that has all of its building blocks to repair itself is likely going to do just that. I enjoyed this documentary and I look forward to doing some research to answer the questions that it has brought up for me.

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