CSA Share Fun Week 3: Oops

It may be the case that someone had a cold and took a nap. It may also be the case that someone thought, “Oh, I should call and see if she needs help picking up the share. But, she didn’t ask for help or to be called so maybe I should just go to the gym.” All of these things may have happened. The share may have not gotten picked up this week.

As a result, I find myself in a position of having to eat food already in my house. This isn’t actually a problem for me. I keep a number of ready made soups on hand, in case of accidents as one never knows when one is going to need some soup. And, during the school year I regularly freeze a portion or two of meals in order to not have to cook during the run up to finals week. This means that I have a number, not a huge number, but a number of soups and casserole dishes (and servings of fish from the good people at Gorton’s) just waiting for me to thaw them and eat them. So, my plan for this week, dear reader, is to do just that. Additionally, I am going to be posting a recipe for stove top, homemade peaches and cream oatmeal, a recipe for dinner rolls and maybe as I roll through the week I will break out some of the recipes of the casseroles and soups I’m eating and post them. It is good to hear back about things that freeze well because not everything does so.

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