Pop Culture Homework Assignment: Lust, Caution

If I had been paying more attention, I would have realized that this film was rated NC-17. And, I can see why. The sex scenes (and there were a few of them) tended towards the Athletic.

The film was about a young woman during World War II who becomes involved with the resistance against the Japanese in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. Wong Chia Chi and her friends from University start out as students in the theater who put on a play to raise money in Hong Kong to support the resistance back home. From there, they hatch a plot to assassinate a man, Mr. Yee, who is collaborating with the Japanese. To do this, Wong Chia Chi goes undercover as a business man’s wife and becomes Mr. Yee’s mistress in order to set up him to be assassinated.

This film was very exciting. Every time our heroine is with Mr. Yee, you’re afraid she’s going to be suspected or caught. And, the setting and costumes were divine. Every one of the Wong Chia Chi’s dresses is just gorgeous. I also enjoyed the contrasts that you saw in the film between her different lives. In one life, she is standing in a ration line forever and in another she is wearing the finest silks and being offered gems by her lover. That being said, and this is a little spoiler alert, I could have done without the first encounter with Mr. Yee/rape scene which was more than a little horrifying.

During this film, I managed to do quite a bunch of spinning. This was a bit of a surprise because of all of the drama on the screen. I made it through two balls from a sampler I want to finish this month and I also plied together one of the balls with some other wool I spun earlier in the day for a scarf I intend to make for a friend later this summer.

Tencel and Merino

Merino and Tencel (50/50) from a Spinning Bunny Sampler

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