Tour de Fleece

I bought a spinning wheel last fall with the hopes that one day in the future I’d eventually have a hobby that pays for itself. I thought, oh, I’ll be able to spin and then sell up a spin to buy more things to spin. It will be great! But, so be far, I’ve not yet approached the stage of goodness that people would actually willing to buy my homespun.

This is okay, though. I really enjoy spinning. It is something that requires less concentration and can be done while reading or watching a film with subtitles. Plus, there is the added bonus that while you’re spinning, you get to think about what it is that you are going to knit or crochet out of the wool you are working right now. That might not sound like a fun thing to fantasize about for you, but I assure you that I enjoy it immensely.

So, when my friend, Joy Killjoy, the ’52 Spitfire, pointed out that there is a spinning “contest” known as the Tour de Fleece which runs during the Tour de France on Ravelry, I jumped at the chance to have a reason to set aside time every day to spin a little. Since I don’t have cable and won’t be watching any of the tour myself (except maybe on the internet if I can find coverage for free), I decided that I would take this opportunity to clear some of the foreign films out of my netflix queue. My original plan was to start with all of the French films, but the first day of the tour I watched an Ang Lee film that was definitely not in French but in Mandarin. For the month of July, every pop culture homework assignment is going to be a Tour de Fleece/Pop Culture homework assignment double feature. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your pedaling!

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