Pop Culture Homework Assignment: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

So, I heard a story once about Paul Newman (who was a looker in his day, if I do declare) that his daughter once caught banging around in his garage muttering angrily to himself.  And, she asked him what was wrong and he told her, “A cat on a hot tin roof!  Who would do that? It is so mean!  What about the cat’s little toes!”  And, the daughter said, “Dad,  you were in Cat on a hot tin roof. You know it is a metaphor. No one actually put a cat on a hot tin roof.” And, from what I understand this lead to the birth of their pet food (which my little furry razorblades enjoy). Prior to watching this film, I knew this story. I knew that the film was based on a play by Tennessee Williams (which meant it was going to feature Southerners) and that it was at the top of my queue because of Elizabeth Taylor’s death.

I enjoyed this film. Paul Newman (who is beautiful) played an excellent self-loathing drunk. And, while you knew Elizabeth Taylor’s Maggie was a bit of a gold-digger, you could also tell that she cared about Brick and in her own way also cared about his father. The brother and sister were annoying and overbearing and that made Maggie that much more likable. And, Burl Ives was amazing as Big Daddy, absolutely sure that we was going to live forever until it is made abundantly clear to him that this is just not possible. I’ve never seen the play so I can’t comment on how well it was adapted, but I found this to be an very enjoyable piece. Additionally, the costumes were a lot of fun. I really liked this film. And, in case I didn’t get across how absolutely stunning Paul Newman was as a youngster, let me say it again, Oh, the Paul Newman was a looker!

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