CSA Share Fun: Week 2

Saturday morning, I did not want to get out of bed.  I did not want to see people.  I did not want to have to talk to people.  Basically, I wanted to lie in bed and be a jerk.  However, it was the second meeting of my CSA supper club so I got out of bed, put on pants, washed my face and brushed my teeth and gathered up all of the things I was meant to bring to the meeting so that cooking could commence.  On this week’s menu:

  • Cucumber tuna salad
  • pork in a shallot cream sauce
  • pickled radish greens
  • chickpea and asparagus curry
  • roast chicken in a garlic citrus marinade
  • green and white soup
  • chorizo and kale quiche
  • herbed radishes
The Haul

The Haul (minus a head of lettuce)

I arrived armed with my Easy Indian food cookbook, my knowledge of how to make a short crust (and the ingredients to make that happen), the cucumber tuna salad fixings (I went on a cucumber buying spree recently and had run out of ways to eat cucumber before I ran out of recipes), and some eggs.

The radish greens were already pickling when I arrived and E was putting the radishes themselves into the oven.  I started in on the curry straight away.  While I worked on the curry, E put the green and white soup together.  E made the vinegrette for the cucumber tuna salad while I chopped up the veg for it.  Once the soup was on the stove, B came in to carve up and skin the skin so that we could get it in the marinade.   After that, I showed them out to make a short crust.  While the crust was chilling in the fridge, we took a break and had a sandwich.  After the sandwiches, B began chopping up the vegetables for shallot sauce.  When the crust had rested enough, I rolled it out while E cooked up the chorizo and the kale.  We combined the ingredients and popped them into the oven.  The shallot sauce and pork chops came together while the chicken was roasting.  There was a little relaxation time then, in which E and I ate up a pork chop and B read a little.  Then, we packed up the food that was going home with people.  The whole affair took about six hours this week.

By the end of the summer, we’ll pros at this.  This week we had someone on constant dish duty and had a nice rotation of chopping, cooking and divvying up as we went through the day.  And, I am so excited to taste the recipes I didn’t get to taste while they were being made!

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