Roast Rabbit with assorted vegetables

the still frozen rabbit

the still frozen rabbit

B got up and went to the Farmer’s market before we met on Saturday morning to cook.  She bought two rabbits, which were about two and half pounds each.  They came frozen in these little air-tight bags.

They thawed while we worked on the other recipes.  It took them a couple hours to thaw.  When you plan a cooking day like we had, you want to start with the thing that will take the most time to cook.  In our case, the would have been the rabbit.  However, since it wasn’t thawed we couldn’t start with it.


According to Mark Bittman’s book, if you aren’t cooking wild rabbit you just have to treat it like you’d treat cooking a chicken.  You want to not roast lower than 325 degrees fahrenheit and you want the internal temperature to reach about 160 degrees.  We didn’t have a meat thermometer, so we used the other way to check if meat is cooked.  We cooked it until the juices ran clear.

the thawed rabbit

our now thawed rabbit

I wasn’t expecting the rabbit to look so much like a rabbit when it came out of the packaging.   I think it is good, though, to be reminded of where your food comes from.  I looked at it and still wanted to cook it and eat it (as did my friends), so we proceeded.


The recipe that we used for the rabbits was very simple.  We stuffed the rabbits with carrots, onions and tarragon.  Then, we roasted them with potatoes, green beans and other vegetables.  It took around two hours to roast.

We coated the rabbit in a mixture of garlic powder, salt and pepper before we stuffed it.  The rabbit ended up having a lovely crust on the outside of it when it was finished roasting.

carving the rabbit

E, carving up the rabbit

When it came out of the oven, it was a lovely toasted color.  E carved it up and divvied it up between the households it was meant for.  I had never eaten rabbit before, and was surprised ( I don’t know why) to find that it tastes a lot like a super lean chicken.  There was hardly any fat on it at all.  The tarragon and onions the rabbit had been stuffed with infused the meat with an amazing flavor and it must have smelled nice because Cooper was very interested in it when I reheated it at home.  I think rabbit will definitely be making an appearance on the menu again.


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