Green stiry fry

We had bok choi and stir fry came to mind.  We decided to make it a green stir fry with a green pepper, some green onions and sugar snap peas.  To this I suggested that we had some tofu, just to up the protein in the menu for the week.  so, I was in charge of the tofu recipe.


The first step in the recipe involved draining the tofu.   The first step to draining tofu is to open the package and empty out the liquid in the package that the tofu is floating in.  We then put the extra-firm tofu on a plate with some paper towels under a heavy book.  I thought I would put some wax paper between the book and the paper towels.  It turns out that plastic wrap would probably have been a better option.  At least we know that for next time.  The book we used was a French-English dictionary.


tofu, ready for the oven

The recipe came from this <a href=http://> awesome blog</a>.  We more or less followed the instructions exactly to the letter.  Except, we didn’t have onion powder so we used dried onion chunks.

The tofu didn’t crisp up as much as I thought it would, but it did crisp.  And, it was quite spicy which was lovely.  After the tofu was baked, we cubed it and chopped up all of the vegetables.  Well, B and N chopped the vegetables.  The bok choi had to be rinsed twice in order to get all of the grit out.


After the stir-fry was made, B tossed in some fresh cilantro from her garden and ran through a little sesame seeds.  This recipe smelled amazing.  I think it could have used a little salt, but the spiciness of the tofu meshed well with the sesame and cilantro and it all spiced the greens nicely.    I ate this stir-fry with the leftover rice from the radish greens from earlier in the week.  The rice was basmati, so that might be mixing genres a little, but I honestly don’t eat enough rice to tell the difference.   It was quite sticky and so it fit well with the greens.

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