Pop Culture Homework Assignment: Daddy’s Little Dividend

This is one of the films that ended up in my queue because it has Elizabeth Taylor in it.  This is the sequel to the original Father of the Bride film.  Like the remake, it is narrated by the father and it is the story of how a grumpy old man (who isn’t ready to be old) comes to accept and love the fact that he is a grandfather.


The father, Stanley, is played by Spencer Tracey and he does a wonderful job of being stubborn and standoffish and persnickety.  He’s finally accepted having a married daughter (even though he’s still not completely enthused about his son-in-law.)  And, with his second oldest heading off to college, he’s beginning to dream about all the things he and his wife can do now that the kids are beginning to be gone.  They can travel, for example.  When he gets the news that his daughter is pregnant, his plans are interrupted.  His wife doesn’t want to travel with the first grandchild on the way.  In fact, she wants to invite her daughter and her new family to live with them.


Spencer Tracey was an excellent grump and Elizabeth Taylor did a good job as the head strong daughter.  The actor that played the son-in-law was a pretty face, but I’m not sure there really is anything to recommend him beyond that.  This version of the story doesn’t really seek out the jokes the way the Steve Martin remake did, and that is okay.  It is fun to watch a grumpy old man accept the crazy things happening in his life because he wants the people he loves to be happy.  I enjoyed this little film.

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