I love listening to languages I don’t speak

In case you didn’t know, its true, I like listening to languages I don’t speak.  Some people like listening to waterfalls or bird calls.  I like listening to languages.  I imagine this is a pretty common thing among people in my field.

And, thank god for Quentin Tarantino for providing me with an opportunity to listen to spoken French and German while also enjoying the funny and violent film Inglorious Basterds. In case you are unaware of this film, it is about a guerilla squad of Jewish American soldiers led by Lt. Aldo Raine who are terrorizing the German army in France. They become involved with a plot to take out the German high command at a movie premiere. So, the film is amazing. As you’d expect. Its funny and its violent and if only this had actually happened. Right. But, my favorite part of the film is Christoph Waltz’s performance. Waltz plays the SS Colonel Hans Landa who has been given the task of hunting down all the jews left in France. So, you should loathe him. He’s loathsome. Except he’s not. I think he’s funny and kind of charming. And, that’s a pretty big deal turning a character you should hate into someone you could maybe relate to.

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