Movie Review: Pandorum

So, Pandorum is about a big, fuck-off spaceship (called the Elysium) taking a ton of people and loads of plants and such to an Earth-like planet for colonization. We follow Bower (Ben Foster) as he and his flight team wake up to do their next rotation on the bridge. He wakes up out of hypersleep and can’t remember things like who he is or what the hell is going on. The team before them was supposed to be around to brief them and they are nowhere in sight. Also, it appears that the power on the ship is failing and someone has to go to the reactor and sort that out. Bower wakes up his remaining team member in hypersleep, Lt. Payton (Dennis Quaid) and they decide to venture out into the ship and sort out these problems. This is when they discover the flesh-eating aliens that they have to run and hide from.

Oh, and, of course, waking up out of hypersleep and into space travel sometimes causes “Pandorum”, a disorder that involves shakes and delusions. From here on out, I’m going to call it Space Madness.

Okay, I’m on board (metaphorically). Its not the most original thing, but I enjoy good makeup and a good pop-out-of-the-shadows scare. I put it in my Netflix queue. It wasn’t bad. The makeup was in fact good. There was some choreographed fighting, which was totally a bonus. The flashbacks to things as Bower slowly starts to remember everything from working with his lieutenant to his wife was interesting (Although, cheesily filtered.) The twists, were not so twisty, they were kind of predictable. And, they were predictable mostly because I have seen every episode of Futurama.

It is bad if your Sci-Fi thriller makes me quote Futurama. And, the climactic twist, where we are shown what we guessed happen 45 minutes before, made me think of a certain episode in the second season of Futurama. Don’t read between the brackets if you don’t want the film ruined before you.(“Well, its a spaceship, so I’d say between 0 and 1.”) The other twist, well, they could have done so much more with it. But, that would have made it a completely different film and so I won’t hold it against the filmmakers. But, the Futurama thing, yup. That I’m going to hold against them

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