February 16, 2009

Some songs for Monday Morning

  1. Country House-Blur
  2. Existentialism on Prom Night-Straylight Run
  3. (I Just Wanna Be) Your Steve McQueen-Eytan Mirsky
  4. Hey There, Delilah-Plain White T's
  5. Take Off-Wakefield
  6. Geography-Kathryn Musilek
  7. Galileo-Indigo Girls
  8. Good Night's Sleep-The Starting Line
  9. The Model-Belle and Sebastian
  10. I'd Kiss Him if He Were You-Aaron McMullan
  11. Forty-six and Two-Tool
  12. Our Favorite Song-Reasons for Leaving
  13. Divorce Song-Liz Phair
  14. Buildings and Bridges-Ani DiFranco
  15. Pennies in My Pocket-Mandy Moore
  16. El Sorcho-Weezer
  17. Code Monkey-Jonathan Coulton
  18. Catch a Tail by the Tiger-Fraggle Rock
  19. Out of Habit-Ani DiFranco
  20. Tiger Woods-Dan Bern
  21. Just Like Jesse James-Cher
  22. I Finally Decided to Give Myself a Reason-I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business
  23. Letters to a John-Ani DiFranco
  24. Violet-Hole
  25. We Belong-Pat Benatar
  26. Freak Scene-Dinosaur Jr

  27. I fair amount of Ani, and a fair amount of repeat from other lists, but each of these songs had something in them that spoke to me this weekend, so I put them together to give them a listen.

October 17, 2006

Playlist: Faffing About

Freak Scene Dinosaur Jr
In An Operetta The Magnetic Fields
32 Flavors Ani DiFranco
Ain't Misbehavin' Duke Ellington
When You're Around Motion City Soundtrack
There's Gotta Be A Change Jonny Lang
No Missing Link Dan Bern
Fragments. Shades. Sketches. 3:09 Aaron McMullan
All I Want To Know The Magnetic Fields
Silly Goofball Pomes Juliana Hatfield
Truth Hits Everybody Motion City Soundtrack
10:45 Amsterdam Conversations Funeral For A Friend
Tiger Woods Dan Bern
Abstract Truth DJ Abandon T
What Do You Do With A B.A. In English/It Sucks To Be Me Avenue Q
Gone (Live) M83
The Modern Things Björk
Cassandra Geminni: C. Faminepulse The Mars Volta
Forty Six & 2 Tool

This one is still in test drive mode. A friend of mine's birthday was earlier this month, and I've been trying to tweak it to be perfect for her, and it just seems like its missing something. It has a double dose of both Dan Bern (whom you just have to love) and the Magnetic Fields, although I'm thinking about replacing one of the Magnetic Fields songs with a Gothic Archies tune (iffin' I can get ahold of them). It has the current requisite dose of Welsh with Funeral for a Friend I am also thinking about tossing in some New York Room (as I am currently obsessed with them.)
I know I've already said this, but its missing something. A theme? Some kind of dialogue? Maybe it just needs better sequencing...Obviously, I will have to figure this out.

September 05, 2006

Playlist: Just Gotta Get Some Work Done

Come As You Are -- Nirvana
In Spite of Everything -- The New York Room
No Shelter [Live]-- Rage Against The Machine
I Dreamed of the Caucasus-- Damon and Naomi
Lines In The Suit-- Spoon
In Front Of Me-- theBetween
I Wanna Know-- Infinite Monkey Theorem
Take It Back-- Loquat
Perfect Weapon-- Communiqué
Come On Closer-- Jem
Make Believe-- The Dog & Everything
At Her Open Door-- Dead Meadow
Make you believe-- Three of Twelve
So I May Have Changed-- theBetween
So I Finally Decided To Give Myself A Reason-- I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It-- Belle & Sebastian
When You're Around-- Motion City Soundtrack
A Goodnight's Sleep-- The Starting Line
Bratcore-- VCR
Blue Dahlia-- The New York Room

I really should be better about not putting the same band on the playlist. I mean, did I not learn anything from making mix tapes growing up? Clearly not. I'm obsessed with The New York Room. I think they are amazing. They have this nice, surreal quality that seems to be combined with this lounge lizard quality. I'm not being very expressive, but I really recommend you check them out.

September 03, 2006

Playlist: Cowboys and Thesalonikians

Firefly dialogue from episode 1       Joss Whedon    
Tiger Woods        Dan Bern    
Hang 'Em High        My Chemical Romance            
I Am Mine        Pearl Jam    
Pachuca Sunrise        Minus The Bear        
Phrase That Pays (Nashville Version)        The Academy Is...    
WE WROTE THE WORLD        Aunt Bee Overdrive    
Should Have Known        Bleed The Dream    
Where's The Devil...When You Need Him?        Th' Legendary Shack Shakers    
Voodoo Man        Voodoo Organist    
Well Well Well        Ben Harper & The Blind Boys Of Alabama    
Workin' Man Blues        Merle Haggard    
Skips On The Record       At The Drive-In    
Today Is The Day        Apollo Sunshine    
I Do Believe You Are The Devil        Aaron McMullan    
That Was My Veil        John Parish And Polly Jean Harvey    
Shy       Ani DiFranco        
I Got My Mojo Working        Muddy Waters    
Toybox       The Geraldine Fibbers    
My Assassin        The Bled    
Killbot 2000        Murder By Death        
When you're Dead        The Blackfoot Brothers   


The original thought behind this playlist was, well, to create some sort of cowboy themed mix for my mate Georgia's birthday (who is from Thesaloniki, hence the title.)  It descended rather quickly into a bluegrass-y, mix.  I've found it to be enjoyable; I haven't gotten to speak to Georgia yet so I don't know what she thinks of it.  I'm pretty much in hermitville working on my thesis at the moment. 

August 25, 2006

Playlist: Brewing

Love--Mos Def

Hell Yeah--Ani DiFranco 

Young and Aspiring--UnderOath

Rumors--Waking Ashland

Swan Dive--AniDifranco

Skeptics and True Believers--The Academy is...

Perfect Weapon--Communique

If these bullets could talk--the number twelve looks like you

I turn on my camera on--Spoon

I'd Kiss him if he were you--Aaron Mcmullan 

The Flashing Lights--Nolan

Your Song--Ewan McGregor and Allesandro Safina

Sing Along Forever--Bouncing Souls

 Inspired by the $--The Starting Line

I Do believe you are the devil--Aaron McMullan

Shameless--Ani DiFranco.


I'm surprised by the amount of Ani on this playlist.  Truly, I am.  It was found in one of my journals from last summer.